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Geothermal – Feel Good About Your Energy Use

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We installed our first geothermal exchange in 1998 and have the experience you can rely on to design and install your geothermal HVAC system from start to finish.

Geothermal exchange systems use the earth’s relatively constant temperature to provide a sustainable, efficient, and clean energy source to heat, cool, and provide hot water for your home. These systems provide maximum comfort for your family with numerous benefits to you and your family, your community, and the planet:

  • smallest carbon footprint
  • clean energy resource
  • great option for asthma allergies
  • renewable/sustainable energy
  • most efficient heating/cooling system
  • low maintenance
  • long-term savings – up to 80% over your current system*
  • quick payback (Using a sophisticated calculator our comfort specialists will project the length of time – usually between 8 – 10 years – it takes to recoup costs of installation.)
  • built to last


Types of Geothermal Systems

As a certified, licensed, and insured American Standard Customer Care dealer, we stay updated on the latest units, technologies, and programs for your family’s safety and comfort. This includes all of our geothermal units and options for installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Cost of Geothermal Systems

The cost of a geothermal HVAC unit is compatible to most standard units. The upfront work and costs to install the underground piping will be needed, but over time it will save you money.

When installed properly and with the right equipment, geothermal units have the ability to double the efficiency of a standard heat pump. This presents the opportunity to double your heating and cooling savings, and a geothermal unit can generally pay for itself over a ten year span.

How Does Geothermal Impact Home Value?

When installed properly, geothermal units offer tremendous upside to increasing your home value. If a cheaper unit is chosen, or if the unit is not installed properly, there is basically no difference to a standard HVAC unit. At Barber Plumbing and Heating, we make sure this option is not chosen.

We offer high quality geothermal units and take proper precaution and steps when installing your geothermal unit. We use the right equipment to make sure your home value increases with a geothermal system in place. When done properly, these systems have the ability to double the efficiency of your HVAC system.


IGSHPA logo.

IGSHPA Certified

Having this accreditation means that we adhere to certain IGSHPA standards for geothermal system installation and design. We received geothermal training and accreditation through the original IGSHPA group, who at the time, were at the forefront of geothermal development.

In 2019, the group was dissolved and then became an affiliate organization with The GeoExchange Organization. 

Geothermal System Installation in Chester County, PA

Based in Honey Brook, Barber Plumbing & Heating serves our neighbors in southwestern Chester County, including Atglen, Coatesville, Downingtown, Cochranville, Thorndale, Morgantown, Chester Springs, Glenmoore, and Kennett Square.

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Geothermal?

After you call the experts at Barber Plumbing & Heating, we’ll meet with you to analyze your home and heating and cooling needs, then design a system tailored for your home and manage the rest of the project; design, drilling, electric, ductwork, and equipment installation.

If you’ve been considering geothermal – act now and you could potentially save money with federal tax credits. (Check with your accountant for state of Pennsylvania incentives.)

Contact us to schedule a consultation and see if your home is a good candidate for geothermal.

A diagram showing a simplified version of a geothermal heating system.
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This was my 3rd time using the Barbers. They responded quickly and did an excellent job each time. I have never seen two brothers work so well together. I highly recommend them!
John P.
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I am new to the area and happened to find Darryl Barber & Sons by good chance. I have needed their services on a few occasions and I am very happy to have found them. I can say they are honest, reliable & knowledgeable. I would mostly definitely recommend !!
Kristie J
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Family and I were out of water late at night...came and fixed it right away...great service!!!